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Adding some colour to Fall

Some folks are starting to get their Porsches ready for a long winter nap now that summer seems to have ended quite abruptly.  Fall has all sorts of moods in BC it seems, one day it’s almost 20 degrees and sunny, the next it looks like an ocean dropped out of the sky.  However, when mother nature cooperates (somewhat) and driving isn’t a slippery and wet misadventure it’s nice to take the top down and enjoy some of the area’s gorgeous country roads!

What better car to enjoy the crisp fall air in than a 718 Boxster, gorgeous Racing yellow adds to the already wonderful palette that the season populates and the well-balanced chassis makes every twist and turn an easy step in a high-performance dance session. 

One area in particular suited for a nice gentle drive lies north of Highway 1 in the middle of the Fraser Valley.  Between Abbotsford and Langley there is a gorgeous stretch of low-lying farmland along the Fraser River called Glen Valley.  With several long straight roads through the beautiful fields and some twisty sections that border the ravines and creek sides it is truly a one of a kind driving experience right out our back door.  Although the day started with the sun poking through some cloud breaks the sky eventually turned overcast and started to look like it would be a damp affair.  The rain stayed in the clouds allowing us to leave the top down for a slow cruise through Glen Valley bouncing down the jumpy farm roads and twisting our way back up 264th ave toward Highway 1.

Enjoying these cars is as easy as taking off and going left where you usually turn right.  Take the long way home, cruise some country roads and enjoy the idea of a Porsche at its very core value, simply just driving for the sake of driving.  With the vibrant Racing yellow, light weight and lovely burble this 718 Boxster brings a smile to your face and leaves you scanning google maps for the next twisty road to spend a few hours finding. 

Come Drive It!

Date Posted: September 20, 2019