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Air Cooled and Race Car Manners

There’s nothing quite like classic air-cooled Porsches.  Smooth and curvaceous body lines converge and morph into this beautiful and aggressive machine.  The sound of a flat six at high tempo is something that can make even the most hardened veteran of a racetrack tremble with delight.  It’s something that a local driver named Ewen Dobbie surrounds himself with every time he heads out to his Langley BC garage.  

A few weeks ago, Ewen sent a message to our Facebook page after we sent out a post seeking some cool cars to check out.  He sent over a few photos and we knew instantly they were something to take a closer look at. What you see is a pair of Porsche 356’s, and no they aren’t replicas or reproductions they are Stuttgart sheet metal. The first one Ewen purchased is a 1965 356C.  He picked it up in 2011 and it was in dire need of full restoration.

The car came to him with no glass or running gear and he said it was banged up to the point the door couldn’t close.   Ewen enlisted a couple of local shops to restore and repair the body and re spray the car with the beautiful white finish it now adorns.  The restoration was executed perfectly, and the body is straight as a drag strip.  With the low stance on 15-inch Fuchs and aluminum bucket seats that were hand made in Columbia, the car has an almost racecar aura to it.  Ewen described it perfectly in saying “It’s a street car with race car manners.” The car gets driven as much as possible and Ewen enjoys every facet of the air-cooled charisma and classic feel of the car. 

When its time to get a little more serious about speed and momentum through the turns Ewen turns to his attention to his 1959 356A racecar.  He bought the car to continue its long life as a well-loved racer.  In previous years the car had been on several tracks including Watkins Glen, Daytona, Virginia International raceway, Sebring, Ontario’s famous Mosport, and of course right here at home, Mission raceway

Ewen acquired the car early in 2018 from its last owner in Florida.  He bought it to have as a weekend racer and he has already run through a couple sets of Hoosier slicks and has even had a new motor put in the car for the 2019 season!  The best part about all of this is the fact that Ewens’ son Andrew Dobbie shares the pits with him on track days running his smaller formula F1600 cars. 

When we really peel back the layers of this brand, we are left with one simple founding idea and that is driving.  These classic 356’s had been built with pure driving passion and feel in mind.  When Ewen fires up the little 1600cc flat four motors they sing the song of what we were founded on and they leave a smile on not just Ewen’s face, but everyone within earshot who knows what they are listening to. 

Date Posted: March 4, 2019