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Apexing into 2019

You ever drive somewhere, and get there so fast it feels like you didn’t actually make the drive, somehow you just ended up at the destination?  2018 felt like that here at Porsche Langley, so many awesome events, some great experiences and a lot of wonderful customers to do business with meant that 2018 flew by.  We are looking to have another fast-paced year with several fantastic events planned including the new date for our famous Porsche Rally on June 22nd!

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As well as all the coming events we have taken on a new and exciting endeavor that will surely tickle the senses of any Porsche enthusiast or car lover!  We have a 1980 911 SC undergoing restoration for the first ever Porsche Canadian Classic Competition!  The competition is meant to showcase every Porsche Centre’s know-how and ability to work on and restore classic Porsche vehicles.  We are consistently updating on Facebook and Instagram and we have video coverage lined up throughout the build process!  The car will be shown off at the Porsche Rally in June and taken to be showcased by Porsche Canada sometime in the fall of 2019! 

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In between now and the fall we also have our Cars and Coffee events scheduled to bring our community of Porsche lovers and enthusiasts together to enjoy good company and beautiful cars!  We have 3 events lined up, one on April 7th to welcome the spring weather, the next will be held on June 9th and the final one of the season will be Sunday, September 15th!

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Filling the gaps between our cars and coffee events we also have some driving focused events happening.  On Sunday, May 5th we have Porsche Langley Mystery Drive.  As simple as we can put it is: show up, go drive, and have fun!  The destination well…..its a mystery, for now!  For the more hardcore driver, Porsche Langley is also bringing a couple of track days.  The first day on the tarmac will be at Mission Raceway on July 25th on their 1.2 miles 9 turn road course.  It is a great way to test out your Porsches’ true potential and get a taste for advanced driving!  If the gorgeous riverside track in Mission leaves you wanting more why not sign up for our Area 27 track event in August?  Sunday the 26th the massive world-class track will be hot with the sound of our flat sixes, turbos and tires howling through the turns.  Area 27 is easily one of the more beautiful settings and makes for a fantastic trip into the Okanagan Valley!  For any more info on our track days or any of our events please do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone. 

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So mark your calendars, rotate your tires, get the wash buckets out and bring your coffee cup.  We can’t wait to have everyone out this year and see all the beautiful cars out at our 2019 events!

Date Posted: February 4, 2019