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Porsche Centre Langley Challenges the Classic Restoration Competition

About a year ago a 1980 911 SC came to us in need of some TLC in the way of a new fuel tank and fuel system. It was flaunting a faded black paint job, well-used tires and had its fair share of small issues. After we had some work completed on the car for the owner, an exciting opportunity presented itself.

This year, Porsche Canada announced the first-ever Classic Restoration Competition for its Porsche Centres across the country. The competition was created to showcase Porsche staff knowledge and expertise with working on classic Porsche cars. Nine Porsche dealerships across the country will compete with classic restoration projects of their own, documenting their progress along the way.

This little 3.0-litre flat six driver was a shoe-in! After some talks with the 911’s owner we came to a deal and the car was ours! The project is underway and we are taking on the more mechanical aspects of the competition with a full motor, transmission and suspension restoration; the cosmetics will just be the cherry on top. With some fresh paint, new tires, seals and glass the car will look and feel like the 911 it once was!

The classic is down but not out. We have a long way to go but our team will make short work of anything that stands between this car and the blacktop! Keep coming back to our page to see all the updates and progress on Porsche Centre Langley’s 1980 911 SC project.

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Date Posted: February 14, 2019