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The 992

The 992

The 8th generation of the 911 is no well-kept secret anymore.  The car was released to public eyes just about a year ago with the response being fantastic across the board.  In a lineup of cars that have been a gradual and precise evolution this next generation of the 911 is a huge leap forward in design and engineering. 

The overall look of the 922 brings about so many elements of classic and modern 911s and you can see them at every angle.  With wide hips and muscular shoulders, the car resembles the wide-bodied turbos and race cars of the 70’s.  The hood lines resemble that of an 80’s 911 with the iconic round lights sharing both rounded fronts with sharp cut lines to throwback to the classics.  The list of classic inspiration seems to go on for ever with these cars but all these design elements together create a car that is undeniably modern and slick looking with performance to back up the gorgeous aesthetic.

The fresh lineup includes the Carrera, C4, Carrera S, and C4S variants with all using the 3.0 litre twin turbo flat six.  Should you opt in for the “S” models you will enjoy 444 Horsepower over the base models 380.  Don’t fret about a lack of power in any case as the Carrera will launch you from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds and top out at 293km an hour.  You won’t be far off from your friends sporting 4.0 litres from previous generations. 

When it comes to the drivers seat you will notice some big changes from the 991.2 generation of the 911.   The cabin feels more spacious and airy with the dash being more set forward and straight mimicking another classic feature.  The console has a new set of aircraft style textured switches that you could honestly have as much fun clicking on and off as driving.  The shifter is a brand-new design that cleans up the center console look and makes the focus more on driving by eliminating the need to take your hands off the wheel as much as possible.  Trust us, we hear all of you die hard 3 pedal pushers out there, the manuals are coming but for now, we get to enjoy the incredibly refined and sharp shifting of the latest PDK setup. 

Overall the new 992 has the classic 911 shape and aura to it. All the great details and minutia add up to a drastic step into the future of 911s and sports cars everywhere.  Driver focus and luxury with a chassis that can cater to any type of owner.  We can’t wait to start showcasing more of the 992 as we see more variants come through the doors with different options.  For now enjoy the photos of one of our first to land and feel free to call, message, email or come in to see more on the new 911. 

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Date Posted: September 13, 2019