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The Classic Restoration is almost over!

Last winter we took on a challenge from Porsche Canada to buy, strip, and restore a classic Porsche in some shape or form.  We saw other stores take on various chassis from the 944 to the 996.  We had a customers 1980 911 SC sitting in our shop awaiting some more work and it had been there for some time.  After our Fixed operations manager Brian Maguire placed a hasty phone call to the owner, a deal was made, the cheque was signed and we had a 911 with broken head studs, some odd wires under the dash, and a whole lot of TLC waiting to be done. 

We started by trying to refresh the odd mix of paint jobs that the car had seen over the years.  Our head detailer Chris Hood toiled for a week straight, wet sanding and polishing only to uncover some of the car’s history.   A couple of fender benders and scrapes over the years had made for a mingled paintjob, some with clearcoat and some with single stage Shwarz Black.  We sent the car over to our Porsche Collision centre to have the dings straightened out and the paint sanded down and re sprayed in the original single stage paint code. 

Once the SC returned to the hoist, we had a few boxes of parts ready to roll.  New brakes, shocks, sway bar end links and oil lines are just a few of the parts that were replaced on the SC.  As new parts where making their way onto the chassis the 3.0 litre flat six was torn down to a split case, the only major damage we found was several broken head studs (more than expected) and some bad piston rings.   With the motor opened up we all began having our natural car guy aspirations of a hot camshaft, higher compression, better pistons and anything we could do to spice up the little SC.  Although all of that would have been amazing to do, we all had to come back down to earth and remember that this was about preserving what the car was and still is.  The engine parts were sent through the parts washer and work began to get everything cleaned up and ready to be re assembled once new head studs, rings and bearings all came through the parts door. 

All of that brings us to now, as these words are being rattled off the key board Rob Boznik (shop foreman) has installed the glass, heater assembly, oil cooler lines, doors, fenders, decklid, and fixed a whole mess of wiring on the SC.  Rob has spent countless hours cleaning, stripping bad wires, and re installing new hardware and bushings wherever possible.  After a hard day of scrubbing and cleaning Rob had the underside of the SC looking like new.  He even fooled some of us into thinking he installed new trailing arms but they were the originals all cleaned up and fresh.   The last major piece of the puzzle is the motor.  We just got a new set of main bearings and piston rings through the door and we are set to get everything measured and put back together. 

As it sits, we are 6 days from the deadline and the car is shaping up to be nice and fresh and ready to drive!  There is a mountain of work to be done but Rob and our team have been pouring sweat in the summer heat to get everything done they can on a daily basis.  We have big dreams of victory in this competition, even if we don’t win in Montreal, we get the satisfaction of bringing an old air-cooled Porsche back to life and that’s the real victory.

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Date Posted: August 8, 2019