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The GT3 Touring

Porsche is no stranger to fulfilling an order for driving pleasure.  911’s through the ages have been aimed right at the heart of racers and backroad drivers in every possible corner of the market.  From the hardcore track rats to the people who give the throttle a little over 50% here and there, they cater to many types of drivers.   This 911 is a great example of cutting all the noise out and focusing on the core values of what puts a smile on a driver’s face.  Well, we can tell you that anything you can safely shift at 9000rpm with sport exhaust will likely leave a smile on anyone’s face.

 The GT3 touring would be a 911 to fool the less interested  motorist who would simply see the shapely silhouette and think it’s another 911 in the lineup.   Upon further inspection you’ll notice the subtle differences that let you know this understated and elegant car is actually a barking and wiry pup built for nothing more than driving enjoyment. 


Some of the things you might enjoy start right at the skin, the little wicker bill on the rear decklid, the mesh rear grille with “Gt3 Touring” badge immediately let you know that this car isn’t what it seems.  If you move to the front, you’ll notice the front fascia and splitter borrowed from a GT3 and if you peek behind the wheels, you’ll see massive carbon ceramic brakes!  Speaking of the rotational section the wheels are center lock alloys also shared with the GT3. 

If you take a seat inside, you’ll immediately see the interior is a beautiful mosaic of leather and gorgeous stitching with comfy and bolstered 18-way seats.  Definitely something you’ll enjoy on those longer stints on twisty highways. This particular car has extremely low mileage and is as good as the day it first left the plant in Germany.  It is definitely a sweetheart in the showroom but we know that it is inevitable and someone will be taking it home very soon. 

Come Drive It! 

Date Posted: June 27, 2019