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The evolved Macan

The Macan has never been a slouch when it comes to driving feel or comfort, It has this incredible balance that most modern SUVs lack.  You have probably heard it a million times on reviews and other sites but it is the SUV that drives like a car. Let’s dive a little deeper past that Night Blue exterior and explore why it feels like a road hugging sports car and not a bulky grocery getting SUV.

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Power is the first big bullet point in any conversation along these lines, and the Macan S has plenty to spare with 348 beautiful ponies under your right foot.  This comes courtesy of the new 3.0 litre turbo V6 and it is handled with Porsche Traction Management and a 7 speed PDK transmission.  When it’s time to slow to a roll there are 6 piston front brakes with vented rotors with sticky 255/235 staggered tires to keep the power on the pavement. 

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Driving along a twisty hillside you can feel the independent suspension and light steering working with the turbo V6 to create an almost effortless and fun drive for those of us who don’t have a race suit hanging in the closet.  The fantastic part about the Macans’ alter ego is when it’s time to drive to the store or take the kids to class it feels quiet, compliant and comfortable. 

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The gorgeous Mojave Beige leather interior shows off the high-quality workmanship that goes into every Porsche. The bolstered seats are tight but don’t break your back and keep you situated either nice and high up, or waste deep down in the action depending on your 18-way power seat preference.  The new PCM and 10-inch touch screen are very sharp and quick with standard buttons to compliment the touch screen so you’re not tied to one form of navigation or radio tuning convenience. 

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Outside the Macan still maintains the curvy and stylish silhouette that screams 911.  The hips are wide and the face is super aggressive (for an SUV) with a large chin splitter and new LED lights as well as subtle changes to the grill lines and curves.  At the back the new 3D LED lightbar gives the car that next generation look and absolutely is a treat to look at in low light. 

As with every Porsche it is an evolution rather than a revolution, every area has been remedied from the last generation in some way but still very subtle.  All of the little and larger changes equate to a car that is the perfect second step in the Macan bloodline.  Porsche had a hard task to improve upon the first generation but they absolutely nailed it with the 2019.  This Midnight Blue example is one of our favorites on the lot and we can’t wait to see it head down the road with someone who appreciates what these vehicles have to offer. 


Come drive it!

Date Posted: July 27, 2019